1. I'm a G!!!

From the recording The Supremacy EP

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I get the utmost of respect when in the streets... Cause I'm a MU'FUCKIN G!!!//
Get it the same way when in the sheets... Cause I'm a MU'FUCKIN G!!!//
Either way Yo I'm a Beast!!! I'm a MU'FUCKIN G!!! x3//
If you ain't feeling me, my reply is nigga please... I'm a MU'FUCKIN G!!! x2//
As far back as I can think I been a MU'FUCKIN G//
From my head to my feet, blind eyes even see... I'm a mufucking G//

Yeah power come wit money, but respect come free//
ain't even gotta pay attention 2 see 2 respect me//
Nigga please, I'm a MU'FUCKIN G this is PREME//
Raps Bruce Lee-Roy catching bullets wit my teeth//
I'm always so clean, when I hit the club scene//
U take a swagger sebatacle whenever u round me//
Introduce an imbalance, everythings heavier on me//
If it's tonight u wanna try me then tonight u finna bleed!//
Yeah it's PREME 2 G, like the MU'FUCKIN Gucci emblem//
Antik jeans wit the stack of benjis stuffed down in em//
Bright as high beams how I shine when I'm in this bitch//
This how it's posed 2 be if u a G, really gettin it in//
No days off imma take it where I'm tryin 2 get//
My feet too big, 2 fit in them shoes u tryin 2 fill//
& hell fuckon yeah I gets it in until the end bitch//
In every game I play, I leave wit more than I come in wit//


Respect my gangsta, respect how I move//
Or suffer the consequences nigga I am that DUDE!!!//
& if u do act up, just know I act up too//
Politely dream of perpetrating the awakening is rude//
My every moves even smoother than a phantom on cruise it just proves//
You dancing wit the devil if you eff wit that dude//
Took it to another level, can't eff wit that fool//
Got thick stallions in stillettos tryin 2 get at that dude//
(I mean thick like BOOM) I'm the MU'FUCKIN truth//
& no matter how u play it's game over u lose//
When I step up in this booth, mu'fucka I get loose//
The shit I say'll take ya breath away like hangin from a noose//
My every moves too cool, like a pair of snow shoes//
My etires even flyer than a massrati coupe//
Get the scoop on the illest of venomous spitting villains//
Wit the spirit within him 2 levitate entire buildings// it's da general


It's ya clear & present hustla, u know I gets it in//
& u know my PREME team down 2 ride til the end//
Playin games wit them lames, my style that's never been//
Watch how I get her pussy wet... Just by flashing a grin// x2