1. Stacks

From the recording The Supremacy EP

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I'm after the money, the paper, the cream//
Fety, the skrilla, the cheese, bread, the marbles, the beans,//
Ends, the Benjamins, dough, stacks, the chips, the green//
Not just enough 2 puff up my jeans, I'm talkin shit out ya dreams//
U know what the fuck I mean!//
yeah I think u do i think u gettin where I'm goin//
Funny it's the same place I'm tryin 2 get 2 wit my flow//
& as I hold my title up forever showing how I'm chosen//
Standing over my oppents corpses roasted from my vocals//
Yeah the ringer on my register is also going loco//
U chicken like el pollo I'm hotter than acapaulco//
In the summertime I swear 2 god & u could ask the locals//
That's like 105 all the time I'll fry u wit my flow dude//
Like hov or no like oprah, I know I'm gonna love it//
When push come down 2 shove it's, all about the duckets//
Put 2 tears in a bucket fuck it the truth is that I love It//
& so much of it comfortin that I need enough 2 never end!//
I still welcome the challenge even tho I know it never ends//
So I pusha ton like malice in the clipse I send 2 spit ya wig// I gets it in!!!

Look! I bring it back 2 where it's at the upper east side of the map//
The hustle game in my heart, The BUFF city on my back//
is how I'm feelin when I'm out here grin-din gettin it in//
where i'm from It ain't no shining, wolves 'll open ya wig//
Either that or them dudes in blue'll come thru 2 do you in//
a year or 2 in the pen 'll have u ready 2 do The dude who blew u in//
& The clue 2 win this game lies within the sin of stacking ends//
Of which begins the trend of doin whatever it takes to get it in!//
Which then repeats the cycle while ensuring it will never end!!//
& i plan 2 be a legend all the while steadily stackin dis...//
Paper, this cheese, this skilla, this cream//
These marbles, them beans this money that green// ...I'm PREME nigga!!!

...& I ain't playin when I'm sayin That it's all about the paper//
Real niggaz gettin they cake up know I'm serious when I say this!!!//3x