From the recording The Supremacy EP

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I'm puffin on that good shit, I'm puffin on that good shit... That have u dreamin lucid ill futuristic good shit!!//
I'm puffin on that good shit, I'm puffin on that good shit... That more than what u used 2, 2 exclusive bubble kush shit//
I'm puffin on that good shit, I'm puffin on that good shit... That hunnid dollars up in smoke everytime that u pull shit!!!//
I'm puffin on that good shit, I'm puffin on that good shit... That only can be found round my mu'fuckin hood shit!!!//

Cruising thru the city, 2 of my best niggaz is wit me//
One of em's leanin off the henny, the others rollin up a spliff & we//
Just pullin up 2 see what's up this party that we hittin//
Posed 2 be the the shit and nope we ain't gotta pay 2 get in//
We arrive step inside it was wall 2 wall bitches//
Lookin like they stepped out the magazine I seen while pickin up my swishas//
Get the picture? (let's get) pay attention u bout 2 witness//
Game literally SUPREME it's insane The way I get it //
Translation is terrific! Seeing Visions of Legs 2 the ceiling//
And baby girl I got wit me actin ready & willin//
Of course within a couple minutes she was touchin & feelin//
Revealing things that made me smile & did it in the sexiest whisper//
U ever heard & this was word 2 my unborn childeren//
My dude I said before i mentioned already been drinkin//
Got us kicked out the spot, he even left some nigga leakin//
Now we back 2 rollin 3 deep, lighting up again as we keep//


This time I'm wit 2 dimes bending corners thru the hood//
On my way back 2 the ave after grabbin a ounce of good//
ain't take the route I knew I should thinking that nothin'll happen//
Plus I'm wit a pair of dimez... I ain't thinking bout that madness//
& at that moment in back of me I seen police lights flashin//
These moments are the ones that show u if u really have it//
Pulled over, he approached us lookin damn near offended//
At the sheer and the utter audacity of my pimpin!//
Can't even picture how his mental took in what he was presented wit//
So imma just guess & say that he was really impressed by it//
But either way he ran my shit & asked me 2 step out my whip//
I was nervous as shit, til I seen he did the same wit the chicks//
The whole shit changed after that moment passed//
he let us go matter fact he ain't even catch the stash//
Now we lookin at each other all funny 4 we laugh!!//
As we pull up on the ave Rollin up another bag of that//


Last story imma share wit u is like this...//
I'm on Clearwater beach dude gettin it in//
blasting optimum sound, the kinda shit that shake the ground//
while ridin wit my top down so I can watch the haters frown//
Plus the jewels im rockin got me shittin on everybody//
I embody what they prolly couldn't even dream of stopping//
I'm the god but at the time just a soldier gettin it poppin//
Ridin cleaner than a mobster on his way to see an opera//
Hoppin in & out of traffic drivin all the hoes ecstatic//
When I pass em eyes flashin like they they wanna let me have it//
Shits distracting had me tryin not to swerve my whip & crash it//
Then it happened (aww fuck) I see police lights flashin//
He took all my information & passed it thru his contraption//
at the same time this this beautiful thang comes up 2 cap 2 me//
Tellin me how I'm sexy and that she just gotta rock wit me//
The cop said that she asked him 2 & that was why he stoppin me//

That's that mu'fuckin bullshit, that mu'fuckin bullshit... That have u tellin people, u won't believe this type bullshit//
That's why I'm... Puffin on that good shit, I'm puffin on that good shit//